Sep 13 Sep 28

Z ONE Part One: Our Journey Begins
Carlos Castrejon, Kenda Francis, Laura Lehman
A collective Art Exhibition highlighting a culture that focuses on rehabilitation, preservation and
protection for our natural world.
As humans we feel the effects of deterioration of our land and sea, their creatures, their flora and
fauna. As artists, we digest what we read, see, hear, sense and feel and we create a visual story of
our emotions and viewpoints. The three of us are connected by our understanding that together, we
provide a tangible conscience, a visual landscape that reveals a collection of experiences from within
our own hearts, with our own voices. We walk down a singular path, yet the fruition of our thoughts
and dreams are vastly different in focus and song. It is our imperative that we present our personal
interpretations to embrace this beautiful world, by the meaning of drawings, paintings, and poetry, to
revive or re-enlight the movement of compassion and guardianship of our earth.
We don’t pretend to know the solutions for our world’s complications but we are enthusiastic to create
and work for a path to take better care of it.