From here and beyond the empty spaces and impulses of the conscience fill my mind with raw ideas, volatile images of my circumstances, and the possibility of an evolution through what has already been established.Ideas born in the midst of loneliness, with time disclosed to me the struggle and suffering of being distant, away from the familiar faces of my life. By necessity, by instinct, ingenuity rushed to live with my reality and brought me the infinite.

I cling to the pursuit of the interpretations of dreams, to recapture the innnocence drained from the impurity of the world and to summarize with forceful strokes, with a weave of brushes and paint, or any solid material thatwill withstand the visual power of the work while remaining sensitive to its nuances. Even more, I adhere with stubbornness to the filling of empty spaces with mental fragments.From here to there maybe I became another member of the unit that defendsthe color, the form, the texture, the composition of the ideal; I only dare to challenge the intellectual thought or the integration of the anonymous masses, without taking into account the risks of incurring the wrath of canvas.

Carlos Castrejon


Studio C Director