Photography, paintings, and more by Peter & Kenda Francis. Join us for Alley Cat Art Walk, opening night, in historic Downtown El Cajon. SoCal Parrot Rescue will join us to celebrate and educate you about our local tropical winged friends, as well as the priceless work this nonprofit provides in our community. 50% of all sales opening night will be donated to SoCal Parrot.

Check out our neighborhood’s El Cajon’s Alley Cat Art Walk, this same evening.

Keep an eye out for our famous El Cajon Courthouse parrot flock just before sunset.

Food, drinks, art! See you there!

Sobre la Brecha

Carlos Castrejón S.
Creating art during confusing times; I persist on the continuous arguments of form and color, images of human greatness and the connection with the flora and the fauna. 
Sobre la Brecha
(In the Path)
Day viewing Saturday August 29, 5-8 pm  
Come and join us for this event.
Patrons will be required to wear a face mask and to follow social distancing protocols mandated by the State of California.