Sobre la Brecha

Carlos Castrejón S.
Creating art during confusing times; I persist on the continuous arguments of form and color, images of human greatness and the connection with the flora and the fauna. 
Sobre la Brecha
(In the Path)
Day viewing Saturday August 29, 5-8 pm  
Come and join us for this event.
Patrons will be required to wear a face mask and to follow social distancing protocols mandated by the State of California.


Studio C Gallery 
is proud to present 

Virtual August art exhibition

These artists have worked together previously organizing and participating in a series of local and international exhibitions with a large group of artists known as “Paisanos”.  
“Cuatros” is the first of a new series of exhibitions.  
The intent is to have each of the four show their work in the mediums of drawing, painting, printmaking, and sculpture and by doing this the versatility of each artist is explored.
Estos artistas ya han trabajado previamente juntos organizando y participando en una serie de exhibiciones locales e Internacionales con un grupo grande de artistas llamados Paisanos. 
“Cuatro” es la primera de una serie de exposiciones que tendrá por objetivo viajar a otros espacios. 
La Idea es invitar a cada artista que exprese su trabajo explorando su versatilidad en: Dibujo, Pintura, arte Impreso y Escultura.

August 7 to August 28, 2020
Reception August 7th.
5-8 pm

*We are planning to have a waiting line to enter the show few people at the time to keep on with the restrictions by the California law on the Corona Virus.
Required for all assistants to wear masks and to keep your distance


Art exhibition October to November 15

Reception October, 19 5-8 pm

Death/Life Life/Death
What is the value of life? How can we extend our lives? How can we best live with purpose and meaning?
Living life with intention takes us from one place to another, and in any case the intentions of each person are very different. From there derives the value of life, and these are the stories and relationships achieved and not the account of material things.
We pour out energy to achieve challenges and dreams, putting in perspective to leave a mark, a mark or a legacy for ourselves or for the world.
We possess within ourselves the ideology of subsisting in love, peace, and security. How many plans will come to fruition? Will our achievements endure?
At the same time our lives are counting down; we recognize that since we are born the race to death begins, and the idea of dying is difficult to accept, to understand, and above all to explain.
How can we visually interpret those feelings towards life and death through art? How can we express the spiritual aspects of life and death and our personal relationship with it?
How does one die of love, die of waiting, die of sadness, die without being able to die?
We are so close to the line that divides us between death and life, this line that is so tiny or even invisible.
Should we live emotionally, live without fear of our lives ending? How does one die with dignity, or die without realizing it?
What color is life? And what color is death?
To assume the task of visualizing these two phenomena so ours and we so of them, is the purpose of this exposition: that the artist will reveal his most intimate feelings, scientific knowledge, or spiritual experience in a palpable and visible form.
The result of standing, despite the situations we face every day.
Recognize people who are very valuable to us.
The breath of each dawn and the resound of each sunset.
The received hope of the Giver of life.
The space to continue writing of love and respect.
Rest and farewell.
The encounter of how we were created.
The separation of realities and stories.
The consummation of facts.
The end of some beginning.



Sep 13 Sep 28

Z ONE Part One: Our Journey Begins
Carlos Castrejon, Kenda Francis, Laura Lehman
A collective Art Exhibition highlighting a culture that focuses on rehabilitation, preservation and
protection for our natural world.
As humans we feel the effects of deterioration of our land and sea, their creatures, their flora and
fauna. As artists, we digest what we read, see, hear, sense and feel and we create a visual story of
our emotions and viewpoints. The three of us are connected by our understanding that together, we
provide a tangible conscience, a visual landscape that reveals a collection of experiences from within
our own hearts, with our own voices. We walk down a singular path, yet the fruition of our thoughts
and dreams are vastly different in focus and song. It is our imperative that we present our personal
interpretations to embrace this beautiful world, by the meaning of drawings, paintings, and poetry, to
revive or re-enlight the movement of compassion and guardianship of our earth.
We don’t pretend to know the solutions for our world’s complications but we are enthusiastic to create
and work for a path to take better care of it.

Abstract Elements

Dear friends, lovers of the arts, and supporters of culture

We would like to invite you to our exhibition 

Abstract Elements

 July 18 to August 23.

Artists: Kirby Kendrick, Pablo Castañeda,Therese Cipiti Herron, Teresa Mill, Aniko Makranczy, Susan Osborn, Gigi Woodward, Yahel Yan, Christina Curiel, Abraham Kouchai, Collen Veltz, Mick Phelan,  Michelle Jean,& Carlos Castrejon.

Classical contemporary wall featuring art by renown artist 

Françoise Gilot

 We are having two receptions on the same week,

Thursday July 18 5-8 pm and on Saturday July 20 5-8 pm.

We hope you could be with us to meet the artists and see wonderful art and interesting people.

Thank you for your continued support

Artists: Kirby Kendrick, Pablo Castañeda,Therese Cipiti Herron, Teresa Mill, Aniko Makranczy, Susan Osborn, Gigi Woodward, Yael Yan, Christina Curiel, Abraham Kouchai, Collen Veltz, Mick Phelan, David Taveras, Xavier Yarto, Michelle Jean,& Carlos Castrejon.
Classical contemporary wall featuring art by renown artist 
Françoise Gilot