Metafores Series

Soul Metaphors 

Like when I walk and go without pause wanting to feel the moments that fill me with joy but with the indifference of not wanting to go through what hurts.

Just recognizing the internal pressures often takes a crowd of energy and honesty. I contemplate the coming and going of the human silhouettes. We are all stories we lead to what we call life, trying with camouflage to hide the depth, the intensity of our ego, the expired gifts or the oddities of our attitudes.

In broad outlines the fabric that envelops us, the same blanket that covers everything; this tells us and talks about the daring acts of our living.

The null colors in the strokes are hardly an idea of ​​the temperatures reached within the individual, the spectators hardly recognize certain facts helped by their own experiences and adding their own.

Games and works, light and darkness, truth or lies … trapped in the circle of life there is nothing greater to try and yes only try this life. 

The transparency of the mysteries is added to each cloth, among cold metals, rusty nails, threads of color;  traps that lurk human stability, so this composition of observations I present at the right time, perfect and aligned.

Carlos Castrejón

Pan E Vino

Summer 2017